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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

wednesday night

hehe just testing this OOOOOUUUUTTT i like it =] its the eye of the tiger r u ready 4 this?

lol ok moving on today me n vi my cuzin done a bit of a radio show which i rkn is pretty FUNKY!! =] lets hope caroline doesnt get in the way.. anyways we went swimming this arvo too well i did fiona wasnt there...=[ u no NO ONE well hardly anyone was there SOO sad sniff sniff but yeah i hung out with laura and emma n yes emma came.. dammmnnn when r ppl gna come!!! lol n then afterwards we had races n we had to race dudes so like the 2 dudes there were phillip n jeffrey and i vsd jeffery coz i didnt xactly wana vs phillip he'd b like


and i'd b like

- - - - - - - - -

really slower so yeah LOL so laura had to race phillip AND I SWEAR that girl is one SAD SAD sole.. like phillip was walking past n she wos like phillip gimme five in a really sad tone.. and held out her had like straight out i mean atleast go up high or down lol I MEAN C'mon.. and then he gave her 5 n she wos like so happy.. n i wos like no.. soo sad.. geez I MISS FIONA SOO MUCH =[ i'm soo lonely with out her.. sniff sniff she came bak yesterday so i PREY that she will come on friday or i will b sooo pissed!!

ok well thats all 4 2day luv ya all its raining soo hard and it wos THUNDERIN bfore sniff sniff sooo scary!!

xoxox mwahs !!!

skool sturf

heeeeyyy!! lol havnt written in ere 4 like a couple days i think? ummm yesterday fiona come bak.. i think so i HOPE i'll b c-ing her 2day! =S umm goin shopping today n yesterday i got half of my skool stuff still needa get the rest.. i'm getting A4 books.. spiral ones infact lol i'm getting one of those azn folder thingys too! with the zip up sides.. my billabong ones too big.. lol so i cant use it bcoz if i wana ma bag will hva to b ginormous and mum wont let me get another one... =[ lol me getting ma new bag when i go 2 qld.. =D yay n were gna go wet n wild!! hehe yay!

do do do i gtg ppl luv ya all mwhas xoxoxoox

Sunday, January 08, 2006


2 mroe weeks n were off the qld we hav zone champs in 2 weeks 2 o gr8 lol we start swimming tomoro!! YES and fionarh's coming bak on tuesday so HOPEFULLY she'll come 2 swimming n c her.. god i'm so bored wid out her *sniff sniff* so yeah that'll b cool!

jess's gone to shuanas this week. bt i think i'll try to meet up with hayles wana c her as much as i can this holidays.. gna miss her TONS N TONS!! =[ ummm i've txtd manda a couple tymes today.. so yeah shes cool! been out n having fun lol.

=] hehe i cant w8 2 c flea i miss her tooooooooons!! ='[

BTW if u read this claire.. HAPPY BDAY! =] i didnt get to tell yu 2day coz u werent on.. didnt xpect u on anyways lol but yeah hope all ur dreams n wishes come tru!! =] hav a GR8 YEAR!! =] =] =] =]

alrite i'm gna go now i havnt got 2 much to sey recently been quite boring OMG i got this new hot demin shorts there sooo cute 4rom city beach SOOO CUTE!! lol

cya mwahs xoxoxox