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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Libra Girl

omg this site is really funky? bored need something to dooo?? ok well theres this kool site n i guess u can muk around on it 4 quite a while!! i mean i've spent almost the whole of my day looking around doin junk on it o mostly 4 girls


its funky =]

visit it!! o ps. add me as a 'buddy' triplep-sam

o yeah to all you f.f swimmers reading this swimming starts on monday the 9th aka the monday coming up!! hope ur all there!!

ok ttyl mwahs xoxox oo i'm goinn out to eat tonite!!

=[ Love Story! if ya hav a hart read this!

Boy: baby we need to talk
Girl: ricardo, wat do u mean?
Boy: sumthin has come up...
Girl: wat? Wuts wrong? Is it bad?
Boy: i dont want to hurt u baby
Girl: *thinks* omg i hope he doesnt break up with me... I love him so much
Boy: baby are you there??
Girl: yea im here wut is so important??
Boy: im not sure if i should say
Girl: well u already brought it up, so please just tell me.
Boy: im leaving....
Girl: baby wut are u talking about?? I dont want u to leave me, i love you
Boy: not like that, i mean im moving far away
Girl: why? All of ur famliy lives over here.
Boy: well my father is sending me away to a boarding skool far away.
Girl: i cant believe this.
[FATHER: (picks up tha other fone, interrupts & yells furiously) ERiKA, wat did i tell you about talking to boys?!!!!!....Get off the damn fone!! (And hangs up)]
Boy: wow ur father sounds really mad
Girl: u know how he gets, but anywayz i dont want you to go
Boy: would you run away with me?
Girl: baby, u know i would, i would do anything for u, but i cant... U dont know wut would happen if i did. My dad would kill me !!
Boy: *sad* its ok i understand i guess..
Girl: *thinking* i cant believe wuts going on
Boy: i need to give u sumthing 2nite b/c i am leaving on flight 1-80 in tha morning, so i need to see you now.
Girl: ok i will sneak out & meet u at tha park
Boy: ok ill meet u there in 20min
[They meet at a nearby park, they both hug eachother. And he gives her a note.]
Boy: here u go, this is for you i gotta go.
Girl: ****tear (begins to cry)
Boy: baby dont cry, u know i love you...but i have 2 go
Girl: ok (begins to walk away)
[They both go back home. And erika begins to read tha letter he gave her]

It says.....
Erika, U probably already know that im leaving, i knew this would be better if i wrote a letter explaining tha truth about how much i care about you. The truth is, is that i never loved you, i hated you so much, u are my bitch and dont u ever forget that. I never cared about you, and never wanted to talk to you, n be around u. U really have no clue how much i hate you. Now that im leaving i thought u should know that i hate you bitch, u never did tha right thing, and u were never there. I didnt think i could hate someone as much as i hate you. And i never want to see you, for the rest of my life, i will never miss kissing you like before, i never want to cuddle up, how we used to. I will not miss you and thats a promise. U never had my love, and i want you to remember that. Bitch u keep this letter bcuz this may be tha last thing u have from me. Fuck, I hate you so much. i will not talk to you soon bitch....
Goodbye - Ricardo

[ erika begins to cry, she throws tha paper in tha garbage & crys for hours ]

....A day passes, she is sad, depressed and she feels so lonely.... Then she gets a fone call....

Friend: how are u feeling?
Girl: i just cant believe this happend i thought he loved me.
Friend: o, about that. Ricardo left me a msg. A few days ago. He told me to tell u to look in ur jacket pocket or something...
Girl: ummm ok

[She finds a piece of paper in tha jacket, It says. Baby i hope u find this before u read my letter.]

I knew ur dad might read it, so i switched a few words...
Hate = Love
Never = Alwayz
Bitch = Baby
Will not= will
........ I hope u didnt take that seriously because i love you with all my heart, and it was so hard to let you go thats y i wanted u to run away with me... -Ricardo]

Girl: omg its a letter, Ricardo does love me!!, he must of slipped it into my pocket when he hugged me. I cant believe how stupid I am!!
Friend: lol ok but i g2g... Call me later
Girl: *happy*ok bye, i'll be at home waiting for my baby to call me !! ...... Erika turns tha T.V. on......

[Breaking news] "An airplane has crashed. Over 47 young boys died, we are still searching for Survivors...This is a tragedy we will never forget, this plane was flight 1-80...it was on its way to an all boys boarding school..." Reporter says.

[ she turns off the tv....3 days later, she kills herself, because of tha fact that Ricardo wa dead & she had nothing to Live for... ]
....A day after that the fone rings. Nobody answers. It was Ricardo, he called to leave a msg. "Its Ricardo, i guess ur not home so, I called 2 let u know that im alive, i missed my flight b/c i had 2 see u one last time. So i hope ur not worried. I am staying for good. Sorry if u got scared, i promise 2 make it up 2 ueverything will be a be ok i love you so much...call me asap bye!!

[...he eventually finds out wut happend, and also kills himself...]

If you have a heart...repost this

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

=D went to aquatic centre with MAYO!!

hehe ahuh it wos soooo fun! we were playing hide n seek 4wom her sis n her friend simone it wos halarious!! n yeah we ate hot chippes n lollies then i went bak 2 her house n muked around!! :P funny funny funny

*sniff sniff* me gna miss hayley SOOO MUCH!!! =[ i probally wont even c her no more sniff sniff

luv always sam mwahs xoxox

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


hehe me goin to the aquatic centre with BAYLEY tomoro hehe me xcited a hehehe

:D yay goin to the aquatic centre hehe this is the first tyme i've goneout with bayles this holidays so i'm XCITED i get to seee her a hehehe


Monday, January 02, 2006


hey everywun!! i'm in an xtremely hyped up mood! we got wimbleton, stuk on u, cinderella story and meet the fockers today!! =] N I LOVE JELLY!! i'm obsessed with jelly my mums made sooo much n i keep eating n eating.. i'm CRAZY!! =D i wos txting bayley this morning n were gna go out to the movies!! =] sometime this week i think with jess! and yeah.. heheh

ok gtg eat sum more JELLY cya mwahs xoxoxo

Sunday, January 01, 2006


hehe sey goodbye to 2005 n welllcome 2006 AKA YEAR 8!! woo hoo!! =]

omg i cant belive i ahvent even written that I GTO A NEW FONE!! actully maybe i did but not too much!! i love it its a flip hehe me obessed with it!! i'm so xcited geeez actully i'm not january.. very very hard month.. we hav zone championships aka state trails.. :S eeeek!! n then like the day after i'm goin to qld so YES! n then like now i'm gna hav to b training out hard.. and then after that i gotta get ma act together in fly coz i'm like rite now my p.b is like .5 of a second away 4rom the record at club! so lets hope i can break it.. :S nd yeah!!

nd like then i think its this week or the week after i'm goin to manly 4 a week with kate, julia, bec and steph. so that'll b AWESOME!! =] seriously awesome!! so yeah.. we start swimming at ff agian on the 9th so what a bludge but now that its holidays i'll haff to go at merrylands in the morning like almost everyday too! so yeah

i totally gta plan to go out with hayles and jess.. and shuana when she comes down here :D

ok gtg cya mwahs xoxoxo luv ya all hope u all hav a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! n ps: new years resoulution: LIVE LIFE TO THE MAX AND ALWAYS HAV FUN!!