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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

wednesday night

hehe just testing this OOOOOUUUUTTT i like it =] its the eye of the tiger r u ready 4 this?

lol ok moving on today me n vi my cuzin done a bit of a radio show which i rkn is pretty FUNKY!! =] lets hope caroline doesnt get in the way.. anyways we went swimming this arvo too well i did fiona wasnt there...=[ u no NO ONE well hardly anyone was there SOO sad sniff sniff but yeah i hung out with laura and emma n yes emma came.. dammmnnn when r ppl gna come!!! lol n then afterwards we had races n we had to race dudes so like the 2 dudes there were phillip n jeffrey and i vsd jeffery coz i didnt xactly wana vs phillip he'd b like


and i'd b like

- - - - - - - - -

really slower so yeah LOL so laura had to race phillip AND I SWEAR that girl is one SAD SAD sole.. like phillip was walking past n she wos like phillip gimme five in a really sad tone.. and held out her had like straight out i mean atleast go up high or down lol I MEAN C'mon.. and then he gave her 5 n she wos like so happy.. n i wos like no.. soo sad.. geez I MISS FIONA SOO MUCH =[ i'm soo lonely with out her.. sniff sniff she came bak yesterday so i PREY that she will come on friday or i will b sooo pissed!!

ok well thats all 4 2day luv ya all its raining soo hard and it wos THUNDERIN bfore sniff sniff sooo scary!!

xoxox mwahs !!!


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