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Sunday, January 08, 2006


2 mroe weeks n were off the qld we hav zone champs in 2 weeks 2 o gr8 lol we start swimming tomoro!! YES and fionarh's coming bak on tuesday so HOPEFULLY she'll come 2 swimming n c her.. god i'm so bored wid out her *sniff sniff* so yeah that'll b cool!

jess's gone to shuanas this week. bt i think i'll try to meet up with hayles wana c her as much as i can this holidays.. gna miss her TONS N TONS!! =[ ummm i've txtd manda a couple tymes today.. so yeah shes cool! been out n having fun lol.

=] hehe i cant w8 2 c flea i miss her tooooooooons!! ='[

BTW if u read this claire.. HAPPY BDAY! =] i didnt get to tell yu 2day coz u werent on.. didnt xpect u on anyways lol but yeah hope all ur dreams n wishes come tru!! =] hav a GR8 YEAR!! =] =] =] =]

alrite i'm gna go now i havnt got 2 much to sey recently been quite boring OMG i got this new hot demin shorts there sooo cute 4rom city beach SOOO CUTE!! lol

cya mwahs xoxoxox


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