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Sunday, January 01, 2006


hehe sey goodbye to 2005 n welllcome 2006 AKA YEAR 8!! woo hoo!! =]

omg i cant belive i ahvent even written that I GTO A NEW FONE!! actully maybe i did but not too much!! i love it its a flip hehe me obessed with it!! i'm so xcited geeez actully i'm not january.. very very hard month.. we hav zone championships aka state trails.. :S eeeek!! n then like the day after i'm goin to qld so YES! n then like now i'm gna hav to b training out hard.. and then after that i gotta get ma act together in fly coz i'm like rite now my p.b is like .5 of a second away 4rom the record at club! so lets hope i can break it.. :S nd yeah!!

nd like then i think its this week or the week after i'm goin to manly 4 a week with kate, julia, bec and steph. so that'll b AWESOME!! =] seriously awesome!! so yeah.. we start swimming at ff agian on the 9th so what a bludge but now that its holidays i'll haff to go at merrylands in the morning like almost everyday too! so yeah

i totally gta plan to go out with hayles and jess.. and shuana when she comes down here :D

ok gtg cya mwahs xoxoxo luv ya all hope u all hav a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! n ps: new years resoulution: LIVE LIFE TO THE MAX AND ALWAYS HAV FUN!!


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