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Friday, January 27, 2006

GOIN Seaworld TODAY!!

goin to see world lmao i got like 1 minute ishhhh so like yes!! :P i'm goin with my cuzin VIVIAN!! :p were gna rok the joint.... lmao n ummm hmmmm i'm goin home on monday =[ i dont wana goo ITS SOOO NICE HERE i love it!!beach all the tyme n i got a madddd view 4rom my hotel can seeeeeeeee alll the guys surfing soo cool!! lmao!! i love it n across da road is mc donalds!!! =] sooo awesome o yeah!! =[ me no want to go no no no and the ppoool is nice and EVERYTHING!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i dont wana goooo!! ps to all u rsl swimmers they picked the state things on wednesday.. so we should get those letters on the wednesday coming up or on monday!! FELICIA! if u find out what u got bfore me u gta tell me and u 2 nic!! i wana know if i made it!! if not binda: GOO THE NON STATERS lmao!!

okays i gtg now cya mwahs oxoxox


At Sat. Jan. 28, 09:11:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heya Sam!!! You're a great swimmer, so you'll probably make the states. :P Anyways see ya soon at school, and have fuN!


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