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Friday, December 30, 2005


ok well i wana gib sum dedications to all my friends.. n hope we still r nxt yr

Jessica Bonnici -aka JBO!! heheh heey gorgez we've been thru alot but i no we'll b f4e!! hehe me u n hayles POPSICLE PWINCESSZ! n nxt year we'll b sooo stylish with our sxc nanos n hawt flip fones we'll b so cool *wink wink* geez its scary how alike me n u r aint it.. *shver* i mean we finish off each others sentences.. n everything.. eyyy lets hope we hav a gr8 yr ahead of us!! i luv ya ta death giiirrL!!

Hayley mayo AKA hayles-bayley!! ur soo gorgez n i didnt really get to no u too well till bout term 4! but nxt yr we'll stik 2gether!! =] luv ya HEAPS N HEAPS!!

Emily Nguyen AKA em - lol this yrs been gr8 4 me n u we've come along way.. i wos like tite with u on the 1st n 2nd day n then we distanted but we still talked n everything.. geez put us to gether n theres no sleeping!! :P well mayb 3 hours

Vanessa Trinh AKA Vane - hehe vanessa 4 a smart girl u can be VEEERRRYYY blonde i tell ya that!! ur so smart n nice =] but hun u gta learn to sey NO! but its ok i guess thats what make u vanessa!!

Andrea Quach - AKA annie!! girl i no 4 a fact we sooo werent talking in term 1 but term 2 came around but me n u we were tite =] n i no this yr 4 u u've been through SOOO MUCH!!but its cool coz u no i'll always b ere 4 u!! but i tell ya this u r one strong girll.. high skool has hit us all hard but i think its hit u harder.. btu guess what? year 8 will b differnt n trust me WE'LL MAKE IT GR8! =D so keep ur hopes up girl coz i mean the world can change and shit may happen but remember that i'm ere 4 u girl n if u ever need help i'll b here! =D

Kara Northern - kara damnit girl i seriously DONT no how you done it.. i mean all of us were shitting our pants scared of high skool new enviroment new people but u coped with that and a WHOLE new STATE i mean u came 4rom qld and down ere figuring outhow everything worked here an everything.. but i mean u r one verryyy brave girl! n i love ya!!

Vivian Tran AKA VVN - hehe girl u r one smart cookie!! n u think most ppl hu r as smart as u arent cool at ALL but u, u r ur sooo down to earth!!

Kayla Chen - kayla b proud u were my firstt friend and that re -ur-surrance that u were in my class on the first day made my world.. i wos so relived i new one person n i mean u introduced me to em n jess.. n i thank u 4 that. kayla girl rok on!!

Ebru Batik AKA Ebs girl u r a crack up!! u made this yeah a halarious one!! lol n that one skyence class.. geez NVA 4GET IT

Amanda Maulder - Ebs's other half its sooo weirrrd to imagine u guys NOT TOGETHER! girl i love ya

Karen - u r soo cooll!! u make me larf so hard its not funny!! dont ever change 4 any1!!

Mandy- hehe mandy girl ur sooo nice n u gib the BESTEST HUGS IN THE WORRRRLLLDDD

Jaideep - hey girl i seriously regret not getting to no u more earlier.. n i wana hear u sing!! :P btu ur soo nice and smart!!

Vivian ho - VI!! omg i swear me n u put us together n we'll go crazy u no sum ppl r unlucky they only get to see there cuzins like once a month not even but me i get to c u like EVERY WEEK n then thers the comp n the fone too!! lol i hav no idea wod i do on those family trips we hav without u! with our PRO SKIIING!! lol n nxt yr we'll concor the art of snowboarding too lol :P n our lil phases we hav.. geez they NVER last do they girl? lol n qld NXT YR (2006) i swear it'll b a BLAST!! we go thru think n thin i mean our personality clashes.. there soo terrible i mean me bieng.. soo stubborn its not funny then u got the times when i think i come up with something smart.. then u reject me n tell me its not right.. n this yr how many phases did we hav wot 300000000 :P n then we got our lil comps at ba nois house geez those were random.. we play nintendo 64.. WE RACED A 7 YR OLD N GOT SMASHED the shame!! wow this yrs been a CRAZY yr i mean we sent each other txts while u were ere in aussie n i wos on holidays in nz.. but if u think about it it woss good that we did keep in contact.. coz if we didnt i would NVER hav found out bout my grandma n all and when we got bak it mita been too l8.. so i mean hey it did come in handy =D thanks 4 bieng such a gr8 cuz n u no wot nxt yr will b GR8TER!!

Alex-MiG - alex... ur smart, ur a role model to some *cough* stuart *cough*:P keep up the good work on ur site

i'm sooo sorry if i 4got u plz tell me!! LUV YA XOXOX SAM


Christmas is over.. but look on the bright side NEW YEAR IS COMING!! hehe ems sleepova wos a BLAST! we got like 3 hours of sleep n vanessa got like 9 n she wakes up n goes i'm tired.. lol crazy!! vanessa wos sooo blonde!

so anyways my day today.. we went to yumcha 'azn restaurant' and pigged out with all my cuzins.. n i took bout 2000000 fotos of my cuzin trinity eres a pik

and tomoro nite were having a massive new years party that'll b awesme and yeah! heheh

ok i gtg cya mwahs xoxox luv ya

Tuesday, December 27, 2005



oh my god i had the word day ever i didnt even get my fone OR my sunnies!! I'M SO ANNOYED on the bright side i got a couple more outfits n i got a cute new hat 4rom supre 2moz i'm getting teh pink and green on today i just got the yellow one it goes with my jeans!! sooo cute! n i got the stuff i need 4 emilys sleepover =] THAT i'm happy bout a HEHEHE

sooo i chuked a tantie coz i didnt get to shop n peace n that i didnt get my fone ma mum drove me around to find a optus shop that wos OPEN!so that i could get my new fone. we didnt find one.. my mum promised me that i'd get 1 4 SURE 2moz so yeah!! soo xcited even better 2moz i'm goin to parramatta! FINALLY I CAN SHOP IN PEACE! =]

ok i gtg start PAKING 4 ems thing.. coz knowing me i'll b out all day lol luv yahs heaps!!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Snorting is COOL n drooling is NATURAL

hehe me n ma cuz viv were phyysco!
eres a bit of our convo

Me: heyy dont tease my fone snort snort my mum sed fones as big as this r good! so that wen i drop it i no that i did its not myyyyyyyy fault it just HAPPEND to be about s big as a brik
well my mum said that i didn't need a phone drool drool all i needed was a walkie talkie and mums ALWAYS at the very most 5km away from me, so therefore im COOLER

hahah SEY IT DONT SPRAY IT duuuuuuddee hehe snort snort hav u lookd down theres a whole puddle at ur legs!! hehe snort snort

drool good habit drool drool salivivivivia cleans teeth drool drool look your snort is attracting pigs! drool drool

drool just cos my glasses are bigger and thicker drool drool your just drool jealous drool drool
nah 4 eyes!! snort snort leave me alone i need to wear my pants high like this! the doctor sed snort snort

well drool drool mummy said i had to tie the top button up on my shirt because its what COOL people do drool drool

snort snort i'm even cooler i mean snort snort velcro on my shoes is sooo cool

were crazy i no dont remind me!! :P
i'm xcited 4 ems sleepover!! hehe n 2moz SHOPPING SPREE! A WOO HOO!