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Thanks 4 Coming Luv Always Sam Mwahs XoXo

Saturday, December 17, 2005


hehe yaaay our mini pool is filled its like 3m in diameter!! pretty small i no! but we can sunbake n gossip!!! heheh me xcited dono wen i'm gna do it but yeahh hehe sunbake gossip fun O YEAH

hehe wot comes bfore part b? (highlight below wen u no the answer)
part a - PARTAY
LOL that wos sad i no but hehehe

n then we'll hav pizZa!! hooray me xcited gna get a new biki todays =] cha ching smiile! i lurve ma mum =]

ok just wanted to tell uZ luv ya sam mwahs xoxoxo

Friday, December 16, 2005


MeEnAs GnA b @ dA sKoOl gAtEs ThIs ArVo!! YES s-s-s-core!! i get to c meena n tonite i hav a christmas party.. gee that will b fun *cough* there ussually really boring but hey i gt nuffink betta to do atm.. xcept dyls christmas party which i'm not allowed to go 2!! SOOO FUDGIN ANNOYED!! anywyas not at sko0l 2day went to go watch josh race he done well hehehe but now me at home.. bored listening 2 ma ipod O MY GOD jess called me at recess n apparently Miss Chiang sed that ME N JESS R IN 8B yes yes yes!! but i still rkn i need proof first..

la da da! CHRISTMASS SOON YYYYESSS!! pressies n sum CHA CHING! $$! LOL a whole new wordrobe!! n a fone todally STYLISH! oh my god u should c ma tan i hav a bloody cozzie tan ma bak is soooo bad i mean i wos changing after sport n anoud wos like WOAH sam i love ur tan sniff sniif i h8 it i cant bloody wear a key hole or a cute bo0b tube no more coz it looks SOOO retarted!! JeSsZ bday on mondae iu haff ta buy her pressie n ma pressies gna ROK ROK ROK!! lol that wos sooo stuk up..

ppls 4rom tech will b on soon! i thunk there in da comp room!!

ok i gtg cya mwahs xooxox

Thursday, December 15, 2005

ear infection!!

OH MY GAWD I THINKK I HAV AN EAR INFECTION!! ma mummas taking me to da doctors so0n! hehe wen i wos lil ma doctor used to look inside ma ear n try ta b cool n he'd sey theres a kangaroo jumping in your ear! if he seys it to me today i'll think or take it as its 4real owwie ma ear hurts!! so yeah not doin ANYFINK today no no no! waaaaaaa it hurrrts so yeah 2moro i haff a shwimmin chirstmas party! i am soooo goin mite bwing jess along..

i'm sooo annoyed patrik doesnt talk to me no more.. its sooo wierd n omg I'M LIKE OBSESSED WITH OLIVER!! hehes so hot! n we were watchin raise ur voice n everytyme he came up ppl stared at me! n i wos drooling nah kiddin!!

moving oooooon lol i dont think i'm goin skool 2moz think i'm gna go watch josh at da sprint serieeeees!! O BTW ALL DA NGHS CHIKS OUT DARE IN 7B 'meenas coming to da skool 2moz afternoon front gate EVERYWUIN HAS TO GO SEE HER!! coz she wants to c u okays me gna go reat maii head - ears they hurt ok luv ya sam mwahs xoxox

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


i dont think i've written in ere 4 a couple days but anyways OMG OMG OMG I'M FUKEN SUNBURNT N IT HURTTS i'm like soo tan i look like manuyan! its sooo sad i mean I'M AZN!! lol it hurrrts cry cry cry! i hav a biki tan hehe liz n lilian r SOO KOOL!! jd had ta sey that!! anyways moving on.. i dono if i'm goin swimming this arvo ma arrrrrms r like totally sunbunrt n they HURRT!!

poor jess she fell wen we were playing basketball n she wos like full crying coz it hurt n tha fact that she had fallen n ahd these massive scabs.. the poor chik =[ she couldnt eben swim properlly she ended up not swimming at all.. =[ omg b proud in the revesby pool, i got to the bottom of the deep end (3.5m deep) n i collected like 3 things!!! in one go.. like yeah.. =] heheheh

i'm talking to ameena now.. still missing her but i'm talking to her quite alot now.. i met her friend.it twas a duyde it wos kent!!

la da da me n laura r gna siwm in group 1 today i think... laura FINALLY moved up so were both gna concore a new group hehe yay

Monday, December 12, 2005

okays so like today.. ahh we had swim skool it wos FFFFREEEEZIN! actully the water wasnt but outside wos.. so i'm not training today.. i'm TOO warn our brrrr! heheh but yeahs it wos funnnn!! hehe i done E.A.R! i think.. apparently in i hav 'good lungs' but yeahh ma cuzins beky n jess n tim went home today :( missss them!! we got a abb cruncher today hehehe ma sistas ATTEMPTING to work out :P its funny!! ALL I WANT 4 CHIRSTMAS IS YOU... BABY OOOO I WONT ASK 4 MUCH this christmas i wont eben ask 4 snow... hehe i love this song.. mariah carey all i want 4 christmas! its soooo mad! get her christmas album i got it last yr.. YAY I'M DEFINATELY GETTING A NEW FLIP!! YES the samsung X640 its got like a camera n everyfin! hehe FUN FUN FUN! holidays VERY VERY VERY so0n! hehe me xciteeed =] me goin up da coast YES! to byron day 4 like a nite then to da gold coast.. hehe me sooooo xcited hawt sufer guys!! *WOOT WOO* n im goin wid like a whole bunch of ma pals! its gna b SUCH A BLAST! n get a cute tan n some cute bikis n everyfin YES! heheh some hawt net hatsssss!! n i'll hav ma new HAWT fone.. i'll hva it by then I HOPE! me hayles n jess had a BLAST today it wos sooo fun its not funny =P were all in da same group n we were all mucin round n everyfin i had a BLASTTTT!! n i think i got a tan.. n i smell like cholrine hehe i hav adams party today! i think.. yah i do.. heh

n yeah bbl cya mwahs xoxoox