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Friday, December 09, 2005


yaya heheh mufty day!! O-MY-GAWD ma sista broke ma bracellete wot a bis-natch!! =P i wos talkin 2 miss salvagio todays with jess, annie, n baha. we were jd like answering questions bout tech hehe n then he got let out 10 minutes bfore da bell n we were like NO WAY were not goin bak to class with 10 minutes to goo! we'll jd hav to clean up!! how stoopid!! so we didnt do bak to class we were hanging round at da canteen area hehe n like it wos sooooo freaky. then we heard miss flecter tellin sum other chiks off n we BOLTED!! it wos sooooo freaky! but yeah then we sat like near da steps closer to the library n we steyd there then we saw demetra n she wos like to us r u guys jiggin? n we were like no we were meant to go bak to class but we didnt wana so we came ere n she wos like u've learnt well.. lol

then we had sport STOOPID ME 4got maii uniform i put on ma pants that i had in ma locker..i boiled in em n borrowd mandys shoes n got karas hat so yeah i had ma uniform but i looked like a TART!! anyways my worst nightmare came tru the fire alram went off I HAD TO WAER MA REARRTED N DORKY SPORTS UNIFORM OUT SIDE.. TO PUBLIC..it wos SOOOO retarted!!

okays cya mwhas xoxoxo

Thursday, December 08, 2005


jam paked i worte in ere in tech but now a end of day summary.. okays annie made a blog i think.. n i had swimming
it wos soooo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 wierd lauren came bak!! n brooke n dane were there no idea were cole wos.. she hasnt been there 4 2 weeks. dane n hsi buddy were causing sooo mcuh trouble n then john gave us a half lecture going ' u guys trained like shit today, if u dont wana train properly then dont come at all i dont make u come!' n yeah so that wos liek teh worst training session i've EVER done...

ahhh yeah ma sis has her formal today n ma mum dropped her off her at dates house n he wos like 'thank u mrs ho 4 letting me take caroline out.. blah blha blha n he kept seying thank u mrs ho' it wos funny wen ma mum told me!

TOMOROS A MUFTI DAY lol i'll pop on a cute top n a cute skirt n then i'll hav like a todally cute outfit :P lol that wos sooooo sad but yeah i'ma xcited.. i didnt even do any work today.. history spent tha whole lesson getting told off by mr everyrinham.. i always get introuble in his class miss sharma moves me in maths how retarted!! like seriously LOSA!! n then in skyence we watch a BORING movie.. zZZZZ

okays cya
mwahs oxoxoxoox sam

thrusday thursday thursday!!

in techno-lo-gy

heeeeys me bored.. in tech torking to annie! i jd finished maii recipe card! its on green paper.. n ma foto.. it looks good well eberywun wos seying it did so i guesh it does.. :S but yeah we hav a curry muncher teaching us she doesnt hab a clue.. i'm actully really suprised that i could get onto ere.. ahhhh ummm u no ebs aint ere n how could i 4get ITS HALEYS BDAY!!

HAPPY BIRFDAY HAYLEY!! WE LURVE YOU!!! MAY ALL UR WISHES COME TWU GALFRIEND! p.s i hope u like ur pressie 4rom me! HUGG HUGG HUGG mwahs xoxoxox

a bday cake 4 yu gorgez =]~*~*~* HAPPY BIRFDAY 2 U BAYLEY!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


OH MY GAWWWWD soooo many mad things happnd today ok where do u start?!?! ok lets start wid skool we acted 0ut a midsummers night dweam! it wos soo0o0o0o0o0 fun!! n everyfin went GGGGR8! jess got a bit peeeeed off at sum pplz.. n stormed out.. the po0r chikk :( then she had to go 2 a casting..

After skool i saw hayley so i w8ted 4 her n OMG OMG OMG THE POOR THING her dress zipper broke so like her dress wos all open..n then she jst told me that SHE GOT A NEW FLIP FONE soooo fuken lucky lets hope i gert wun 4 chirstmas!! CROSS UR FINGASSSS fo me!!

n OMG I'M TALKING TO AMEENA damn i miss her soo0o0o0o much :( i wissh she wos still here TEAR TEAR TEAR i'm like bout ta cry jd talking to her.. i miss her n tha thought i mite NVA c her agian... i miss her wittyness.. her smartness.. EVERYFIN!! i mean she didnt eben stye long engough so that i could pay her bak 4 wen she took da blame for da graffiti wall me n jess were making!! :( but atleast i no she'll remeba me.. hehe shes still gto ma door handle thing i got 4orm lote that i culured in prettyfull and wrote WE LOVE U AMEENA on it =] *sniff sniff*

LURVE ALWAYS sam mwahs xoxox

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

QUOOOOOOOTES (i love em)

We were like Romeo and Juliet, I just forgot that they never got to be together.
Let's be nothing. I heard it lasts forever!
<3*~*>Smile Bcoz ur my friend? *~* .:* Or cry, cause thats all we'll ever be?
*:.I've Fallen for U and I never wanna get up.

Late nights, Boy fights, Beach times, Pick up lines, Belly tops, Flip flops, Blue skys, Hott guys, Up all night, Pillow fights, Lemonade, In the shade, Midnight kisses, Secret wishes our tans may fade but the memories will last forever.... Summer 2005
A BeStFrIeNd IsNt SoMeOnE YoU cAn TelL yOuR lIfE To Is SoMeOnE wHo LiVeD ThRoUgH It WiTh YoU!
God Made us Bestfriends Because he knew our mom's couldn't handle us as sisters.
Life is like a race...You win some and you lose some...but you find out who your real friends are because they cross the finish line with you!
.:*:..:*:..:*:.a best friend is the one who can look at you and you will have the biggest smile on your face and she will know there is something wrong!
Friendships are like glass. Sometimes it's better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.


TOMOROS THE PLAY!!! yay i'm soooooooooooooooo xcited WOO HOO! i carnt w8! its gna b sooo fun 'WHAT JEALOUS OBERON?!?' lol ma fav line' then i must b thy lady!' i'm like on a all high today it must b da sun.. LET ME SHARRRRRRE THIS WHOLE NEW WORLD WITH YOU!! i'm obseesed!! with the song.. n stik wit u! n SUMMER LOVIN!

LOL i almost had a hart attack i thought i lost ma fone.. then ma dad had it GRRR. swimming tomoro i think jess, bek n tim r coming with us.. well i hope so! n i'll swim with them n i'll gert to c terry swim YAY! fun. L.O.VE I LOVEU n u love me :P lol i'm a sad sad sole.. i no! =P

so like tomoro JAM PAKED day.. i'll sleep well :P OMG OMG OMG B PROUD I FINSHD ENGLISH! wooooo lol i'm in short shorts n a shinglet n i got da air con on full blast its WAYYYY tooo hot! BUT I LURVE IT means beach thsi weeknd

omg n poor kara a bird shitted on her.. the POOR POOR CHIK! yumm were having roast lamb tonite! i jst saw ma mum put it into da ahhhh oven. my ass hurts..
dont ask y it jst does..
i think the sun melted maii chair.. ARGGGH were having the pedifile tomoro.. *shiveers* how reatrted.. i h8 him n poor jess he called her 'a gorgez girl' so like everywun eles is doing this play thing where we got assigned parts n we didnt like our part (me, kara + jess) so we chuked a tantie n now we dun haff ta do it anymore YES!

okay i'ma gna goooo now luv yahs mwahs xoxoxo!! SAM!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Beky N Jess N Tim came down today, Vi got braces.. interesting day actully!! ahhh morning we had health.. health is fun! =] today wos gr8.. lol then we had r/c i 4got ma book i wos talking to the teahcer! it wos fun =P ummmm then we had this trivia thing in the hall english so like bfore i wos a bit scared of hu'd i'd b wid but then it turned out good i wos with karen, jayde, josephine n sum other chik hu;s name i dono.. she barely talked but yeah we ended up winning the WHOLE thing GOOO US!! then we had english.. its veeeerrrrrrrrry stress full now.. with the play coming up like were ok.. but its looks BORING! manda wosnt ere today.. n her n eb's part need fixing up.. i mean manda can hardly remeba her lines.. so yeah we need alota touching up to do.. n then we had maths BIGGEST BLUDGE IN DA WOOOORLD! n on wednesday its gna b a bludge too!! we get 2nd n 3rd period off n 4th too WOO HOO!!

OK gtg bed now!! cya mwahs xoxox

Sunday, December 04, 2005


Okays so like today is eb's bday!! i sent her a txt this morning at like 8.. hehe n ma cuzins Beky, Jess N Tim r coming down tomoro n i'm goin wid ma dade to pik then up!! yesterday we had a swimming comp.. hehe alex used to do phisi POFTER!! n nathan n lachlan do it too how cute!! n obviously Chelsea does it hehehe. hmmm i saw Reece yesterday i wos talking to him too.. n i wos talking to Dane funny funny... n like all da guys 4rom f.f brought thier ipods n fiona brought her brike(creative mp3) n were all like listening, n then bruce walked past n wos like WOAH all ipods! n po0r felicia her breast got put in da wrong time n it wos put 37 sumfink like 10 seconds faster then her pb.. n she wos stuk vsing sum chik that actully done that time but she wos away so we askd mr clark (da marshling dude) if felicia could jump into ma sis's race.. n she could so she vsd ma sis n that.. it wos FREEZING yesterday... like the water wosnt but outside wos brrrrrr. I got a candy cane n a christmas card 4wom felicia!! N ma cuz vi is getting her braces tomoro n shes all like 1 MORE DAY save me or KILL ME! the poor chik =[ hehe n i wos talking to Bianca yesterday wen we were at da marshalling area!! 'DONT TAKE DRUGS OR U'LL TURN OUT LIKE ME but i dont take drugs' aye Bianca!! 'n the park n at yeah n i almost got bashed n yeah n i wos laughing n then haha n ur dead n' lol blabing on bout nuffink 2 Mr Clark! Mr Clark: wot wos that thing u sed afta park? :P n the poooor chik that wos in the lane nxt to bianca!! she wos all like DONT TAKE DRUGS n HAV U BEEN TAKING DRUGS.. n full blabbing on bout nuffink to her.. n then in freestyle that same girl wos behind her.. omg n then bianca went on agian!! the poor lil chik!! i feel ur pain hun!! :P we got home realllllllllli l8 coz it wos at ff so we had to like pak up.. n felicia dogged breanna (her sista) n felicia's like i dont really care coz shes adopted!! WHOA harsh!!

How qut is dis!! "Trying' to explain my l0ve f0r y0u is like tryin t0 explain c0lorz tO a blind pers0n.. iit*'z just * ii m p O S s ii b L e *" its purrrrrrrrrrrfect! its like wen i find ma knight n shinning amour! da man ob ma dweams i'll put this on ma nik name.. n u'll no i'm in LUUURVE!! =P

Okays cya mwahs xoxoxo
Luv Always Sam