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Saturday, December 03, 2005

~Saturday Morning~

i'm like sooooooo lazy i woke up like 15 minutes ago.. ma mum called home n woke me up.. bloody hell!! i hav a carnival tonite.. talking to jeffery on da net now hes going.. n last nite i wos talking to ma new pal kayla! shes gna b there tonite too its it fairfield ma home pool my god it'll b freeeeeeeeezin but atleast i no ma way round da joint yeah? everywuns coming tonite i think.. i think lauren can come tooooo! la da da da! i'll b bak l8ta todays.. ok cya
mwahs xooxox luv ya!!

Friday, December 02, 2005


lol i no i havnt written in ere 4 a bit.. ma nets been freakishly slow n i couldnt come on.. but yeah i'm bak now n b pwoud i got 107 songs on ma nano n a whollllle lotta fotos!! ahhhhh wot eles i went swimming today.. thank god i did coz todays da last day i'm gna c fiona shes going ~~~~ over seas!! awwwwwwwww i'm gna miss her sooooooooooo much i mite jst go 2 swimming at fairfield like once a week now n go to merrylands a bit more.. like i should b :-S but yeahhhh i'll miss her sooooooooo much i'm gna b suuuuch a lonaa wid pout her *tear* omg its raining realli hard now i'm scared.. awwww i miss jeeeed!! i miss him aloooooots!! =[ *tear* i wissh he would come bak!! its nawt da same wid out him.. ma lil buddy!! but hey ma mum talks to his mum like EVERY nite... so i mean i think hes coming bak ere 4 da holidayys!! i hope he is i ask ma mum n she sed that they'd b coming down so yay!! school otday wos cool we had english first we were practising our playy! then p.e which wos cool but a bit wierddd.. n then we had v.a lol i wos scared miss wheatley would tell me off for wot happnd last time we had her FEW she wosnt ere!! we had sum other chik!! n then there wos tech HALARIOUS i wos meant to b cleaning dishes 4 chiks that were doing there project.. but bieng me i jst walked around n helpd ppl present theres.. how sad dora wos tryna whip cram to make whipped cream n she tried 4 liek 20 minutes da poor chik.. n then biewng stubborn she didnt jd go n ask miss 4 da whipped cream she wanted to whip it.. n afta a while i ended up asking miss 4 da whipped cream.. n yeah! i helped anoud, sarah n amelia wid thiers too soooo fun =] i thunk a a lil bit closer to da chiks in 7G now.. but yeah so now its raining harrrrrrd n its scarey the weathers so ugly!! VI'S(cuzin) GETTING HER BRACES ON MONDAY!! omg i'm scared fo her =[ n beky n jess n tim (ma cuzins that live in brisy) r coming down on monday so i get to see them YES! i love them!! n hayley gab me ma birfday pressie today i got bath soaps n a S neklace!! hehehe n yeah ma mum jd came home she workd 4rom 7:30am - 7:30pm today!! d poor thing n shes owrking 2moro!! my god! so yeahhhh ok ma gna toodle off now!

luv yahs mwahs xoxox

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

OMG OMG OMG ITS MAAAAAI BIRFDAY!! I'M 13 everywuns seying happy bday to me.. i gto pressies too! i got at andorable bear, this braceltte, thongs, and baby doll soap!! 4rom jess.. i got a cuuuute skirt n then cowboy top 4rom emily, i got a skirt n belt n skoooby doo things 4rom annie, kayla n vvn!! n hayley called me up in da morning n wos like HAPPY BDAY n i wos like thannnk u!!
ok out to party wmahs xoxoxo

Monday, November 28, 2005

MONDAY! bak at skool its ma birfday tomoro soooo stoked! o yeah 2moro i'll b a teenager.. i got a nano off ma folks yesterday i had a family parrrrrrrty! n ma folks ended up gibin me ma pressie then YES YAY!! i got a nannnnnnnnno!!! wooooooooo hooooo so i took it 2 skool today!! jess fell in luuuuurve wid it lol hayley wosnt there =[

ok toodle off now luv ya xoxoox

Sunday, November 27, 2005

SunDay SuNday sunday!!

i haff no idea y its called SUNday.. coz theres not sun at all today its all rain... =[ mite aswell call it rainday! =[ the weather is SOOOOOO uglly!! yay shoppin todays i gta buy manda n ebs' pressie =D i got like 75 buks 2 spend on em.. n i also gotta get emmas pressie too.. i mite jst get her like some havis n like a skirt 4rom supre.. yeah i'll get her sumfink like that =]

O yeah n i'm havin maii family party today tonite.. n get sum chaching!! ya no!! lol $$ :P yeah ma mums making ma cake.. now yuuuummm i no she is.. she wos like tryna hide it buh bfore i went out to go ta da toilet n i saw her making it lol no wunda she made me go to maii room! going parramatta today! ok i gtg now talk to u l8tahhh today
mwahs xoxox