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Saturday, November 26, 2005


weeknd! yay lol ahhhhhh its saturday n i jst got on.. mumma wos angry at me.. well caroline.. she didnt do sumfink she wos supposta n i got introuble 4 it too n didnt get to go onto da net coz she dun sumfink.. woda bitch wot eles.. ebs party in a weeek! n ahhhhhh emily carnt goo =[ n i wos left on a mayb.. how wierrrrd! oo0 n patricks goin on an student exchange thingy to jap when hes in yr 10 tha poor thang he doesnt wana..

ok i'll write more l8ta ma mums cming!! cya
mwahs xoxox

Friday, November 25, 2005


So like swimming today.. ahhh we had races n like that wos sooo fun i done a 36.09 thats aiigh n a 50.00 which in a real carni would n 50.99 so thank god its ametuar or how eba u spell it!! hmm wot eles.. omg SHAME ma dad wos racing.. n he wos racing like phillip n darren in freestyle n lost.. shame he done like a 41 dang i shoulda raced him.. to make it more shameful like as he wos racing kerry like fully announced him!! hehehe ummm n in breast he wanted to make a fool of himself agian so he raced murphy n daniel.. n obviously daniel flogged dad, dad flogged murphy! when murphy told me he suked at breast i didnt realise i mean he SUKED! i mean MY DAD bate him.. lol shaaaame!

ok so at skool we had skyence! fun i woZzA passing notes to manda n ebs!! umm o n i MADE n done a find -a word! it wos cool, hmmm roll call such a bludge, teh music n we were singing n learnt how ta play jingle bells on da glocksenspiel!! n me jess n manda had a sing off!! 4 playing the triangle 1..2..3.. DING 1..2..3..DING lol it wos fun n then tech I MADE SAVOURY CRESENTS n they were ok.. freaky i no.. heheh me n ebs stuffed everything we could up!! how shamefull.. n then there wos p.e BORING!! nucumball with yr 8, yr 9 n another yr 7 class.. how retarted. yeah n thats bout all till nxt tyme


Thursday, November 24, 2005


U DAWGGED ME!! i went training on wednesday dispite tha fact that it wos FREEZING COLD!! n then she dogs me n goes into the inside pool!! how rude.. n i had to hang out wid da guys.. how sad.. n i'm friken FREEZIN MA ASS OFF n shes inside.. but yeah hardly anyone came.. eben lina didnt.. n simons like lina if u dont come u wont get ur present lol! friday we hav a lil club carnival.. n i'm vsing ali.. coz i'm not 13.. i'm only 12.. so like shes gna flog me coz its BREAST N FREE ma 2 WORST strokes.. i seriously suk at them.. shes gna flog me to make it worst ma dad told kerry he wanted to vs me so like i'm gna get flogged but 2 PEOPLE!! how shamefull.. sad storii.. but yeah so i'm ome today.. tALKIN to tech 3 there all like on iloveim.com n yeah so till nxt tyme
luv ya sam mwahs xoxox

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


La da da da ok wedensday.. manda went home afta recess!! dang miss her! = [ geo we dun a test dang i dun REALY bad!! seriously, ahh va, where doin ceramics i gto ma shit all dirty!! AND i'm making a dog... with big ears.. its cute i thunk.. english we had a dress rehersal which wos SOOOO FUN!! i saw annie in a dress sooo cute!
today i'm goink swimming this arrrvo! brrr i'ma gna freeze but dadae sed i haff tooo =[ ahh what eles ooo i no mumy let me go out this weeknd i haff ta ask her if jesse can sleep ova but i hope.. n pray she can sleep overrrrrrrrr a wooo hooo! wot eles n thats alll brrrr its cold today!!
Luv Always Sam Mwahs xoxox

CRAZY Tuesday

okay so todayyy we had english first and like we pratised our play scripts got everyfin in order so no bescially we jst needa learn our lines n 2moro were gna figure out costumes!! ahh wot eles then we had assembly BORING!! n me n ebs were tryna take off her anklet then we gave up n cut it.. ahh wot eles hmmmm then we had recess boring.. no wod i do... i cant rememba.. n then we hadddddd lote YES MISS ZORAS WOS AWAY!! so like in lote ewverywun wos like leaving.. well not everywun kara n ebs had to leave.. n see miss chiang.. ayesha had to go too they had a talk about ayeshas problems.. :S i xpected to b called up 2 but i wosnt.. n like i would tell u y n wot happnd but it would get me into a bit of trouble so like if ur a close friend u'd no wot happnd between me n ayesha..

lol ok atteya maths, a bit of mischive happend.. well we sit in like rows of 4 n then like coz there were 5 of us (me, jess, ebs, manda + kara) well we had to take a another table to join on n like ebs got a table 4rom the worst place possible.. she took the table RITE nxt to ayesha.. n i think that offended ayesha a bit so like she moved up.. no idea y.. so anyways then she had a bit fo ma break down n started crying.. like everywun went to comfort her.. n yeah she ended up goin to see miss chiang! n they came bak about 20 minutes l8ta n yeah everyfin seemed fine... but thats all i no well i no more.. but not gna say lol!

lol so i wos catching da train today.. n shit during class i realli needed to go to the toilet but i didnt go n on da train i felt like i wos gna like piss ma fuken pants!! to make it worst vvn podgy podgyd me!! how rude!! n yeah.. hmm i cnat rememba anyfink eles..

till nxt tyme luv ya sam mwas xoxox

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Mondae 21st

yay first blog entry! omg i'm SUCH a bludger.. i havnt been swimming at fairfield 4 like practically a WHOLE week.. wednesday it wos too cold friday i wos off ta windang n today i couldnt b fuked ta go.. omg i'm such a bludger..lol fionas prolly angry at me.. i dogged her like 3 days.. but today i txtd her n sed i wosnt going!! hehe i'm loved at swimming! patrik goes ta me swimmings kinda boring wid out ya! haha n simons gna kiss linaa on wednesday 1 month anniversary HOW CUTE!! well i rkn its cute i haff to go on wednesday! n OMG BLOSIA CAME TODAY!! shes like ma sista were like born on same day n yr n eveyfin.. soo freaky but yeah i didnt geta c her :( danng! i hab ta go on friday too where having races.. wieerd..

Hmm school wos wierd... ahh ebru n ayesha had a bit of a go at each other.. manda dogged us in maths lol n i made a PRETTY flutterfly in maths.. so proud.. ahh science wos OMG B PROUD I FINISHD MA WORK well me n jess did.. ahh wot eles health wos such a HUMUMGUS bludgewe had sum maths teacher so yeah.. ahhh wot eles we had english too practising our play scripts i'm titiania queen fairy!! n yeah jess's the king fairy so i like fight with her.. n ebrus a cute liddol fairy and mandas puck a liddol trouble maker!! n yeahhhh

OMG IO ALMOST 4GOT it wos mandas b'day today.. n its my bday in ahh 8 days SOOO EXCITED! ummm n yeah so mandas goin round all day going ITS MY BIRFDAY! sooo cute n scared da shit outa miss sharma in da morning she shakes her n goes miss its my birfday today!! sooo funny.. n yeah went to everywun in da morning ITS MY BIRFDAY TODAY!! guess what day it is! omg shamee ebru 4got her birthday!! haha n ebs bought a cake n everyfin then she 4gets tha poor chikk :( sheading ma tears 4 her lol

this morning ma dadae wos home.. so he took us to school n we got there so fuken early bcoz he had a appointment at 8! n OMG i wos at skool sooo early that its nawt funny!! n dad piked me up at da end ob da day so thats good i didnt haff ta walk

well thats all i can remeba today!! till nxt tyme
LUV YA sam mwahs xoxox