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Friday, January 27, 2006

GOIN Seaworld TODAY!!

goin to see world lmao i got like 1 minute ishhhh so like yes!! :P i'm goin with my cuzin VIVIAN!! :p were gna rok the joint.... lmao n ummm hmmmm i'm goin home on monday =[ i dont wana goo ITS SOOO NICE HERE i love it!!beach all the tyme n i got a madddd view 4rom my hotel can seeeeeeeee alll the guys surfing soo cool!! lmao!! i love it n across da road is mc donalds!!! =] sooo awesome o yeah!! =[ me no want to go no no no and the ppoool is nice and EVERYTHING!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i dont wana goooo!! ps to all u rsl swimmers they picked the state things on wednesday.. so we should get those letters on the wednesday coming up or on monday!! FELICIA! if u find out what u got bfore me u gta tell me and u 2 nic!! i wana know if i made it!! if not binda: GOO THE NON STATERS lmao!!

okays i gtg now cya mwahs oxoxox

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


heeey everybody!! i know i havent written in ere 4 a while... soz i've either been a bit bz or nothing good happend and 4 a while i wos looking 4 a differnt site to write my blog at.. so yeah.. umm i'm at qld now on my hotel comp. i got like 10 minutes.. ishh so yeah! geez we drove up ere 11 hours.. we went about 7 hours yesterday n i slep almost the whole time so it wwosnt sooo bad.. well bad things did happen lol my dad had his surfboard the real thing ontop of the car.. and it wosnt secure sooo much like the roof racks were CRAP!!! SO LIKE YEAH. about 4 hours in the whole thing just fell apaprt.. and off the roof and BANG onto the ground dad imeediately stopped and began to try fixinf it!!! omg such terror thank god it wos fixable!! and we ended up back on the road agen we got ere bout 12 oclok thier tyme 1 oclok sydney time and yeah.. i went 4 a swim in the hotel pool a surf at the beach and i went to the gym 4 about 2 minutes lmao!!! okay so moving on its gr8 ere i havent gotten to c vi yet.. i hope i c her sooon.. okay i'm goin broke!! lmao i dont have change to use so i gota get off i mite b bak tonite or sumthing...

Luv always sam mwahs xoxoxo!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

wednesday night

hehe just testing this OOOOOUUUUTTT i like it =] its the eye of the tiger r u ready 4 this?

lol ok moving on today me n vi my cuzin done a bit of a radio show which i rkn is pretty FUNKY!! =] lets hope caroline doesnt get in the way.. anyways we went swimming this arvo too well i did fiona wasnt there...=[ u no NO ONE well hardly anyone was there SOO sad sniff sniff but yeah i hung out with laura and emma n yes emma came.. dammmnnn when r ppl gna come!!! lol n then afterwards we had races n we had to race dudes so like the 2 dudes there were phillip n jeffrey and i vsd jeffery coz i didnt xactly wana vs phillip he'd b like


and i'd b like

- - - - - - - - -

really slower so yeah LOL so laura had to race phillip AND I SWEAR that girl is one SAD SAD sole.. like phillip was walking past n she wos like phillip gimme five in a really sad tone.. and held out her had like straight out i mean atleast go up high or down lol I MEAN C'mon.. and then he gave her 5 n she wos like so happy.. n i wos like no.. soo sad.. geez I MISS FIONA SOO MUCH =[ i'm soo lonely with out her.. sniff sniff she came bak yesterday so i PREY that she will come on friday or i will b sooo pissed!!

ok well thats all 4 2day luv ya all its raining soo hard and it wos THUNDERIN bfore sniff sniff sooo scary!!

xoxox mwahs !!!